There once was an Army brat/preacher's kid...

I'm a communications professional turned graphic designer turned synagogue executive director turned graphic designer...again. I've done many different things, but the one thing that stays constant is my desire to see new things and find ways to apply new experiences to my work and my life in general.

My passion for travel comes from my parents. Growing up an Army brat, we spent a large part of my childhood in, then, West Germany. On weekends mom and dad would have our Dodge Caravan packed, my brother and I would jump in and dad would ask "North, south, east or west?" My brother, Josue, and I would give a direction. When we came to another junction dad would ask "North, south, east or west (depending on the choices)?" Again my bother and I would give a direction. Along the way we would stop to see the sights or take a bathroom and meal breaks. It never failed, we always ended up in some town or village we would have never found otherwise. This was how we spent most weekends. This is what I loved about the time before GPS.

Enjoy! Angel.